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5 Ways Automation Can Improve Packaging Efficiency


The average size of a distribution warehouse has increased by around 300% over the past two decades. With such rapid expansion, human-run packaging processes often cannot keep up with the other options out there. As such, have you considered investing in packaging automation to reduce the costs of manual workers on your warehouse floor?

Below, we elaborate on several of the ways automated packaging systems can make your packing and shipping processes much easier. By the end of the article, you may want to consider investing in more efficient machinery.

1. Enhanced Efficiency

An automated packaging machine is head and shoulders above any human operator in terms of the speed at which it can box up a product. This ensures you have a high productivity and throughput level in your warehouse.

By eliminating or reducing manual handling, which inputs inexact movement into a process, you can create a smoother operation. As each individual adds a small amount of delay, over time it starts to add up, meaning, an automated system will be faster.

It is not only during the packaging process itself that the machine is faster. You can also set up a new device far faster than the time it takes to train new and/or replacements for an ex-employee. This means that the whole process from start to finish will be completed faster and more efficiently.

2. Higher-Quality Work

Imprecise human motion and the high error rate of people means you could have issues. Some potential issues are inaccurate tape placement, poor package choice, and other inaccuracies. Automation removes the possibility of human error entering the equation and you can expect precision.

Not only are machines less likely to make a mistake to start with, but they can also detect errors with a high rate of accuracy. This means packages can enter a quality-assurance process. Reports will be received, allowing you to correct mistakes before customers see them.

Another benefit of machine packaging is that it can understand the perfect pressure to apply to a package. You are less likely to see significant damage during any packing cycle but can correct it if it does occur.

3. Fewer Safety Concerns

The packaging process for many shipments can become hazardous in specific circumstances. Automation limits human involvement, meaning you can reduce risk to your workers.

Even when it comes to an operator facilitating operation, you need not worry. If they trigger a machine’s proximity systems, features such as sensors and emergency brakes will activate. These will stop the equipment, preventing harm to the person.

Because of this benefit, the operators can instead focus on the machine rather than on any inherent danger. You can also have assurances that your work will not face liability or workplace interruption from injuries.

4. Reduced Costs

By having a packaging machine in your warehouse, you make a significant reduction in the need for manual labor in your process. This, plus an increased efficiency, ensure you both save on money you would have spent before as well as increase your output and, thus, profit.

At the same time, due to the more exacting nature of a packaging machine, you can expect much less waste material during packing. Over time, this will lead to large savings in resources, showing the machine more than pays for itself.

5. Data-Driven Process Improvements

With a machine, you can make much more intelligent plans when it comes to resource allocation and productivity. Using data insights from your always-recording machines, you can ensure you can suggest changes from a place of knowledge. Such information also shows you places where bottlenecks exist in your process, allowing you to focus on cause and resolution. Over time, this means you optimize the steps you take to make each project easier. You can also predict where future issues may lie and take active steps to prevent them from occurring.

Make Packaging Automation Your Business

Packaging automation is the future of the industry, and your business could be at its forefront. To get started in this area, you will need equipment that suits your needs. This is where we can help.

We have expertise in the world of automated packaging and improving processing lines. As such, glance at our online listings and see if we have anything that would suit you and your organization in the future.