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Thinking Inside the Box: Unwrapping the Benefits of Curby Fragile Packaging

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It may come as a surprise to learn that the United States Postal Service delivered mail to over 152 million residential delivery points in 2022. Shipping items is often quick and inexpensive, but it doesn’t come without risks. When shipping fragile items, damage could occur during transit without the proper precautions.

Using the right fragile wrap can substantially mitigate the chance of things going wrong. Curby Fragile Packaging is a premier choice and it is essential to understand the benefits that it provides. Let’s explore the key information you should know:

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What Is Curby Fragile Wrap™?

Curby Fragile Wrap is an innovative honeycomb cushioning material that’s far superior to conventional options. These often include foam, bubble, and paper materials.

It serves as a great choice for bracing, cushioning, and void fill. It’s also made from recyclable paper, which is something to consider when looking for materials with minimal environmental impact. Put simply, Curby Fragile Wrap is a high-quality protective packaging material that provides optimal safety while shipping products.

Curby Fragile Wrap Benefits

There’s no shortage of benefits that Curby Fragile Wrap provides. Understanding these will help decide if it’s right for you. Listed below are some of the most notable:

Ease of Use

Curby packaging is renowned for being easy to use. Businesses often have no issue integrating it at their pack stations.

This minimizes your time commitment and lets you get started as soon as possible. You won’t have to worry about costly lapses in productivity, and there’s no learning curve.

Improved Efficiency

Since this product is so simple to work with, it can substantially improve your efficiency. Packing times will be shorter, helping you ship a higher volume of orders per hour.

As a result, customers will get their products faster and be happier with your service. The extra protection this fragile wrap provides can help you take your workflow to new heights without sacrificing product safety.

Protect Breakable Materials

The way you protect your materials says a lot about your brand. Even a single incident where a product is damaged can have serious consequences.

Curby Fragile Wrap exceeds the protection rates of conventional materials. You’ll have no trouble shipping glassware, electronics, cosmetics, etc.

This difference is substantial in many cases and choosing it can help prevent problems you may have otherwise encountered. Using the right sealing tape  to close the box can keep your shipments even safer.


Minimize Waste

It’s no secret that sustainability is something every company should strive for. This is particularly true for businesses with high shipping volumes.

Using fewer packaging materials and recyclable packaging materials means minimizing waste, and it can substantially increase customer satisfaction. Your company will then experience higher sales and customer retention.

Minimizing waste is also great for your brand’s reputation. People often gravitate toward companies that prioritize sustainability.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for consumers to avoid brands that don’t actively reduce their environmental impact. Using this wrap is a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, as well.

Eliminate Redundancy

A common issue businesses experience when packaging products is redundancy. This occurs when they use more than what’s required to accomplish a task. For example, a company might use separate boxes to package different items and then place all the items in a larger box.

For businesses that handle high-volume orders, this can quickly add up. You can use Curby to secure multiple products at once and eliminate the need for unnecessary materials.

Save Extra Space

For many businesses, there isn’t much extra space in warehouses and pack stations. As a result, there’s a good chance you don’t have any extra space.

Since Curby Fragile Wrap is so efficient, you’ll have leftover space you can use for additional products. It can also help you improve your workflow since your environment won’t be as cramped. In some cases, saving space can help you stock additional inventory.

Cost Savings

As previously mentioned, Curby Fragile Wrap helps you reduce the required packaging materials. This translates into decreased costs per shipment. Large companies can experience major reductions in many cases.

This wrap can provide a significant return on investment through the money you save on product damage. For example, let’s assume you spend hundreds per month on dealing with damaged shipments.

With Curby, you could significantly reduce or even eliminate this cost. As time goes on, you’ll potentially save thousands of dollars.

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Curby Wrap Specifications

Curby Fragile Wrap Has two variations: part number H-1002 and part number H-1002-W.The H-1002 variant is made from 50# Kraft Paper. The H-1002-W variant uses 50# Bleached White Paper instead.

A single roll of this material weighs 18 pounds. It has a paper width of 12 inches when expanded and 15.25 inches when not expanded. This is true for both H-1002 and H-1002-W.

Both variants have a cushioned area of 1,400 feet when expanded and 840 feet when not expanded. Additional non-stick options are available upon request. Keep the above info in mind so you can choose the right variant.

Issues with Poor-Quality Wrap

Using poor-quality fragile wrap has numerous risks. Primarily, there’s a chance your products will arrive damaged. This is one of the most important factors to consider, as it can substantially damage your brand’s reputation.

In some cases, people might choose a competitor over your business after having a negative experience. It’s unlikely for someone to revisit your brand after finding another company, so avoid this situation at all costs. Using a low-quality wrap also requires more material to provide sufficient protection.

This is wasteful and can diminish your supply sooner than anticipated. There’s also something to be said about the impact poor quality wrap has on customer experience. Low-quality packaging material could make customers feel like they aren’t getting what they paid for.

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Always Use the Right Fragile Wrap

When shipping items, the fragile wrap you use plays a large role in having your goods arrive safely. Curby Fragile Packaging is a perfect solution for those who need to minimize product damage and maximize pack time efficiency.

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