260e+ Printed Recycled Paper Tape

260e+Recycled Reinforced Water-Activated Tape

In support of our sustainability efforts, IPG is proud to offer 260e+ to our valued customers! 260e+ is a 3-way reinforced paper based carton sealing tape that is produced using a combination of 100% recycled and virgin kraft paper. This product is versatile and will still provide the strength and performance demanded by the market while still offering the added benefits of using a recycled sheet.
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Key Features

  • Recycled fiber content
  • Recyclable with the carton to which it’s applied
  • Helps contribute to the circular economy
  • Recommended for use on cartons up to 50lbs
  • One strip provides a secure, tamper-evident seal
  • Made from over 50% RECYCLED PAPER!


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