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IPG Anchor Brand Stencil ProductsAnchor® brand Stencil Products have long been a leader in the monument stencil industry. These products continue to produce consistently high quality results. You’ll find a variety of versatile stencils and fillers for every application imaginable. Anchor Stencils application from IPG provide superior blast resistance, precise and intricate design capabilities,clean transfers, smooth and accurate tracking and a convenient selection of sizes.

As a technology leader, IPG is committed to providing superior stencil products that offer:

  • A flexible product line designed for use by hand, machine or computer-cutting applications
  • Excellent shape carving ability for precise detailing on even the most intricate designs
  • Superior blast resistance that prevents burning under the most intense blasting
  • Cleaner transfer of artwork to stencil and easy-release liner increase efficiency in the production process
  • Easier cutting translates into less wear on knives and cutting dies; increases durability and requires fewer replacements
  • Stencil construction provides for smooth and accurate tracking through cutting machine; minimize waste and lost production time
  • Product styles available in a variety of widths and lengths to fit all computer cutters; expanded roll size maximizes unattended cutting time
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