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Introducing Curby™ Products

Curby products offer peace of mind that your package is sustainably sourced, securely shipped, and curbside recyclable. Join Curby and do your part to support a healthy planet.
Curby - Curbside Friendly Products

Curby™ - Curbside Recyclable Packaging Products

Answering the call for sustainable packaging alternatives, Curby™ is IPG’s line of curbside-friendly products. With E-commerce shipping volumes rapidly increasing and consumers becoming ever more aware of their environmental impact, IPG’s curbside-friendly products are the logical next step in packaging. Curby products promote a circular economy and help answer these E-commerce growth challenges.

Sustainable packaging solutions include:

Water-Activated Tape

As the first certified recyclable carton sealing tape, water-activated tape (WAT) is Kraft paper tape that is re-pulpable with the corrugate it is applied to. Reinforced WAT is Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze Level. Non-reinforced WAT is certified recyclable by Western Michigan University OCC Equivalency (WMU OCC-E) testing protocol.

PaperSpace Void Fill

Recyclable paper designed for easy feed into the Polyair® PaperSpace X-Fill™ paper system. Produces three-dimensional cushioning and void fill. Sustainably sourced with 70-100% post-consumer recycled paper content.

HexcelWrap® Cushioning

Cushioning material made from PEFC certified paper. The hexagonal padding design has been proven to reduce damage for fragile products. Natural and white options available.


Introducing the new Curby Mailer. Curby Mailer is lined with HexcelWrap hexagonally shaped paper which offers substantial benefits over traditional wrapping materials.

Cold Chain Solutions

IPG’s Chill-R is a paper-based curbside recyclable insulation material laminated to "direct food contact" paper to provide the most sustainable Cold Chain solution available.

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