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70 Years of American® Tape

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History of American Tape Company In 1953, American Tape company was founded by Chris Kurzweil, Sr. located in Port Huron, MI. He had the vision of serving the pressure-sensitive tape market. The young company initially provided masking... Read More

4 Features to Consider When Choosing the Right Duct Tape

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When it comes to tackling construction projects, repairs, or maintenance tasks, having the right tools and materials is essential. Among the must-haves in any toolbox is a reliable and versatile duct tape that can handle a wide... Read More

What is the Main Goal of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to create eco-friendly packaging is by embracing a process known as lightweighting? This process involves decreasing the amount of material needed for packaging, while not compromising its strength after... Read More